Nikki! is a creation of Ed Buhr (creator, executive producer, director) and Anna Youngblood (creator, executive producer, writer, performer).  

Ed Buhr  is a producer, director and writer living in Los Angeles.  He has produced music videos, promos, commercials, live concert shoots, and documentaries as well as large-scale sculpture fabrication.  He has worked with brands including Mercedes, GoPro and Hewlett Packard, directors including Kevin Kerslake, Wim Wenders and Agata Alexander and talent including Diplo, Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Destructo, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson.  He also produced the 2013 "cockumentary" Unhung Hero, a lively look at the size of one man's penis.  He is currently working as a producer at Poetic Kinetics, a large-scale sculpture and art company who's work has appeared at Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival and Burning Man. 

He has also directed a number of short films and spec commercials.  His short film The Japanese Sandman based on a passage from the novel The Yage Letters by William S. Burroughs, was a part of the 50th anniversary homage to Naked Lunch in Paris and New York and as a part of the William S. Burroughs Retrospektive at Deichtorhellen Hamburg and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Karlsruhe, Germany.  

As a writer, his screenplay Lee was a finalist for the Sundance Writer's Lab.  He also recently wrote the short documentarySkateboarding's First Wave for acclaimed Director of Photography/Director Don Burgess, touring film festivals in 2015.

Ed, on a boat. Not the woman or the dog.


Anna Youngblood has been acting, writing, improvising, and performing comedy in Los Angeles for almost 10 years.  She studied theater at the University of Oklahoma.  She went on to study at UCB, and has worked in commercial casting for 7 years.  She has performed everywhere from the Comedy Store on Sunset to the Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro. Her credits include an eBay commercial and a few standup shows that she forced her friends to attend.  She has been in various student films and commercials that never aired.  You might know her from that youtube video that inexplicably got over 30,000 views.  Or not.  You can currently enjoy her playing Nikki, her dream character, because we all secretly wish that we were as free as Nikki.  Really.

Anna Youngblood, being totally normal.

Anna Youngblood, being totally normal.